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Sniper Art of Victory

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  It is autumn of 1942. Stalingrad is under siege of the 3rd Reich armies. The Soviet commanders order a counter offensive. In November, Marshall Zukov rallies approximately a million people around Stalingrad, together with 1 500 tanks, 2 500 heavy cannons and three aircraft armies. His plan is to surround and cut off the 6th Army of General Friedrich Paulus and a part of the 4th Panzer Army. This way, the besieging armies will be surrounded themselves…

  • Realistic sniper rifles: Mosin-Nagant PU and Mauser98KS

  • Faithfuly reproduced uniforms and equipment of the Third Reich soldiers
  • Numerous vehicles: Tiger and Panzer IV tanks; Messerschmitt 109 and Henkel 111 aircrafts
  • Realistic locations rendering the atmosphere of Russia and Italian Peninsula during the war

  • Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
  • DirectX 9.0 or higher
  • 1,6 GH z CPU
  • 512 MB of RAM AT I Radeon 8500or GeForce3 class gfx card (or better recomended)
  • 16-bit DirectX 9 compatible sound card
  • 2 GB Hard Disk Space
Pegi-leeftijd 16
Genre Action
Activation Steam
Releasedatum 2008-09-25
Taal English
Besturingsysteem Windows
Producttype Standard Edition
Publisher CI Games
Verzendmethode Digital
Voordelen van Dreamgame
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