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MegaRace 3

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  Includes the e-guide.

In this fast-action game, players can choose among a dozen different vessels. Each vessel has its own strengths, characteristics and three active modes: Speed, Attack and Defense. As to be expected from all MegaRace titles, all of these ships are modular and, depending on the players results, can all be personlized. With a player’s winnings, different modules can be obtained to improve the engine charactertics, and/or upgrade the armor and weapons. Several game modes are available as well, such as a simple solo race, race with customizable ships, capture the flag and duel mode. All game modes can also be be played in network mode.

  • P2 400 CPU
  • 64MB RAM
  • 30MB HD
  • 3D-Card
Pegi-leeftijd 11
Genre Simulation
Releasedatum 2001-11-01
Taal English
Besturingsysteem Windows
Producttype Standard Edition
Publisher Microids
Verzendmethode Digital
Voordelen van Dreamgame
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