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Independance War 2: Edge Of Chaos

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IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING MULTIPLAYER GAMING: Atari doesn't maintain active servers for this game anymore. However, multiplayer gaming on local networks is still possible.

The stakes are the universe itself...

There's no good, no evil, just one man, Cal Johnston and his band of fugitive space pirates against the might of Caleb Maas and the all powerful New Alliance. And so the adventure begins. Pilot your way through volatile solar systems, to trade, barter and seek out the critical information. You must outsmart and outfight all who seek to bring the universe to the edge of chaos.

  • Mission and sub quest based gameplay
  • Stunning space flight simulation
  • Free form universe lets you roam 16 star systems and interact with their inhabitants
  • Customise your ship and weapons through piracy and trading
  • State of the art graphics and cinematic sound
  • User friendly interface and controls (90% accessible through a sidewinder joystick or equivalent)
  • Internet and LAN multiplayer (up to 6 players)

System requirements :
  • Microsoft Windows 95 or more
  • PIII 400 or 100% compatible
  • 64 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.0 (included)
  • 600 Mb free hard disk space

Important Note Regarding Compatibility: Please note, although successful testing was done on modern machines (Windows 7 and 8) to ensure compatibility, this is an older game and certain configurations may not work. Our testing has found, however, that with most machines if you run this game under Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode it works without issue.
Pegi-leeftijd 11
Genre Action
Releasedatum 2008-12-16
Taal English
Besturingsysteem Windows
Producttype Standard Edition
Publisher Atari
Verzendmethode Digital
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